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Brand with vision

You know the brands that you see an ad and you know who it is before looking at their logo?

That's masterful branding!


You’ll get to know your brand:

You’ll get all the elements of a cohesive visual brand identity:

You’ll get all the elements of a cohesive visual brand identity:

We Listen

Some questions you’ll think about:

  • Who is your ideal client or customer?
  • What would someone choose you over your competitors?
  • What’s your market position?
  • If your brand had a personality, how would you describe it?
  • What should someone feel when buying from you?
  • What are your values that you will never compromise on?
  • Why do you do what you do?

We Research

What we look for:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • How are you similar to them?
  • How are you different from them?
  • What’s your competitive advantage?
  • What are the industry standards?

We Draft

How it’s done:

  • Lay out all the information collected.
  • Draft every concept that comes to mind. (lots of paper)
  • Perfect the best concepts.
  • Computerize the concept that’s the most unique and memorable
  • Zoom in, perfect, perfect, and perfect more.
  • Build out all the elements of the brand.

We Present

You’ll get a branding package that:

  • Is unique in its market and fits into the industry.
  • Reflects who you are and what you stand for.
  • Touches on emotions and creates fans

We Revise

Your satisfaction is top priority.

  • We’ll listen to what you love.
  • We’ll listen to any concerns you may have.
  • We’ll go back to the drawing board when necessary.
Malka is a branding Superstar! She knows the right questions to ask and how to bring the brand to life with modern visual identity. She communicates well, delivers on time results, and is a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with her!”
CEO at Creative Marketing Engine

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