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Market with impact

You know those brands that are the go-to-providers in their industry?

That’s effective marketing!


Your campaign will:

You’ll get everything needed for an effective marketing campaign:

You’ll get everything needed for an effective marketing campaign:

How we do this

We Listen

Some questions you’ll think about:

  • What’s the goal of your campaign?
  • Who is your ideal client or customer?
  • How is your offer different from your competitor’s?
  • What benefit is your client getting from taking action?
  • What makes taking action difficult?
  • How can we make it easier?

We Research

What we look for:

  • Where does your target market hang out?
  • What problem is keeping your target customer awake at night?
  • Which words do they use to describe their problem?
  • What would make them choose one product/ provider over another?
  • How do they feel once their problem is solved?

We Draft

How it’s done:

  • Study all the information collected.
  • Decide on a strategy that will engage the target market.
  • Write up the content for the campaign.
  • Select colors, images, and a design style to achieve the goals.

We Present

You’ll get a marketing package that:

  • Stands out in a cluttered world
  • Interests those it was created for
  • Propels prospects to take action

We Revise

Your satisfaction is top priority.

  • We’ll listen to what you love.
  • We’ll listen to any concerns you may have.
  • We’ll go back to the drawing board when necessary.

“Working with Flawless Designs has been a pleasure. We’ve worked with Mrs. Porges on multiple projects. Clarity, quality, and consistent excellence, are what you can expect. If you’re looking for someone who will get what you want quickly, translate it into a pitch-perfect design, and deliver on time with great customer service, I recommend Flawless Designs.”

CEO at Storytribe Media

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