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Your website will:

You’ll get everything needed for a conversion focused website:

You’ll get everything needed for a conversion focused website:

How we do this

We Listen

Some questions you’ll think about:

  • What’s the goal of your website?
  • Who is your ideal client or customer?
  • What action do you want visitors to take on your website?

  • What benefits do you offer for  your client?

  • What makes taking action difficult?

  • How can we make it easier?

We Research

What we look for:

  • How aware is the customer about his problem?

  • What are your target customers’ pain points?

  • Which words do your clients use to discuss their problem?

  • What tone would resonate with your audience?

  • Why would they choose you over your competitors?

  • What hesitations do your clients have before committing?

  • How do they feel once their problem is solved?

We Write Copy

How it’s done:

  • Study all the information collected.

  • Strategize with all the knowledge collected.

  • Outline the pages and sections of the site.

  • Write copy which meets customers where they’re at.

We Design and Develop

How we create masterpieces:

  • Decide on a color palette and fonts based on your brand.

  • We match the visuals to the tone and intent of the copy.

  • Build out the pages in a user-friendly intuitive way.

  • Add animations for a custom, high-end vibe.

We present

You’ll get a website that:

  • Keeps your target market reading and interested

  • Captures attention visually

  • Propels visitors to take action

We Revise

Your satisfaction is top priority.

  • We’ll listen to what you love.
  • We’ll listen to any concerns you may have.
  • We’ll go back to the drawing board when necessary.

“I had a great experience working with Mrs. Porges in the past so when my business was experiencing growth and I was ready to build an online platform, I turned to Flawless Designs right away. As expected, Mrs. Porges’s pleasant and easygoing personality , her quick responsiveness, and extreme creativity made this another great experience! I hope to use her for many more projects.

Golden Sky Equities

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